Youth Basketball Scholarships in USA

Youth Basketball Scholarships in USA

Sports events in Latin Americaa company focused on creating sporting events and with the projection of athletes looking for talent, to provide opportunities for young people to study and compete abroad, through the program “an offer”.

“an offer”, Colombian company software invites Young and talented basketball fans To prove their potential in the presence of coaches from sports and educational institutions and clubs abroad so that they can sign with them thus Obtaining scholarships abroad. This project is the first meeting of the Latin American sporting events, where some basketball coaches and professionals will come to Colombia, among them Professors at the University of Florida And other educational institutions in the United States, such as Fine Christian Academy and the Puerto Rican National Team.

In the same way, there will be Colombian teachers in charge of the selection process such as: Luis Romero, Álvaro José and Yahir de Avila, who will also offer coaching and coaching classes in basketball, to prepare the most performing and competitive athletes. .

Where will this meeting take place?

The call will take place Sobo Municipal AuditoriumAnd Between 27 and 30 Aprilwhere the “Latinoamerica Sport Events” program It will provide housing, transportation and food services From the Colombian capital to Sopo, the municipality of Cundinamarca, to provide greater convenience for basketball participants and athletes.

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Who can participate?

The call for “show” is open to the public, Between 16 and 21 years old. However, participants must register in advance before April 27, through the Instagram social network Latinoamericasports or through the phone lines 3164365344 or 3142121681.

Who organizes this event?

Sporting events in Latin America are organized by the Municipal Council of Sopo, through the Sport for Life programme, called Subu is the time for sports.

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