The second planned crypto city is in Uganda

The second planned crypto city is in Uganda

Obsessed with grandeur?As if it was a construction projectCryptocurrency in Senegal That wasn’t enough, artist I am already planning to build a second one, this time in Uganda. Your course Cryptocurrency Project “Akoin” It will be the bargaining chip within these future cities.

Akon City II, The Return of the Coded City

According to a tweet from one of the major TV stations onUganda (NBS), who gave an interview to the Senegal-born American singer Ikon :

Akon has revealed his intention to build a future city in Uganda, called Aykon City (…)

However, according to the media itself, the government would have also confirmed toAssignment from prof 2.6 kilometers from the ground2 We welcome this pharaonic project, which is expected to be completed on the horizon 2036. Then it will be The second “Aykon City”, As the artist’s first Crypto City project in Senegal with the exact same name.


The future two cities will be assumed to use cryptocurrencies Aquin (AKN) – Also created by the star – As an official currency. Their goal remains common: to attract more investment into the country and create local jobs.

From Akon’s answer Mentioned above By Coin Telegraph media, Capital From this beautiful project, on the other hand, Not very clear :

“I know if I put this city here, understand [les Ougandais] They will find a way to facilitate this construction, because it will motivate them (…) When an opportunity is created, people learn about that opportunity and people are motivated by that opportunity. “

Besides the megalomaniac side of calling everything “Akon” or “Akoin”, these projects are very beautiful on paper, especially in terms of development for these two African countries. We just have to wait for it to work for everyone’s good.

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