The Spanish Chamber is striving to create adequate conditions in the energy sector to boost Mexico’s economy

The Spanish Chamber is striving to create adequate conditions in the energy sector to boost Mexico’s economy

The financial appetite of Spanish capital banks is being maintained to promote economic recovery in Mexico, but favorable conditions are needed to work in the energy sector, the agreed partners in Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Mexico (Camscom).

When performing a file Banks Bill 2021, In the presence of the highest representatives of Mexico BBVAAnd the Collection Santander s Sabadell BankThe special international body confirmed that there is optimism about opportunities and growth in the Mexican economy over the next few years.

Hector Gracey, CEO, Santander BankHe commented that negotiation is required for the energy sector, where there is joint work and a proactive reaction on the part of companies to obtain the appropriate conditions to continue developing the sector.

In this regard, Francisco Lyra, CEO of Banco Sabadell, MexicoHe highlighted the positive inertia of the United States’ economic recovery in Mexico, by generating economic benefits and increasing trade activities.

He added that investments in various sectors, including energy, are being preserved, as well as a great appetite for financial products and services.

Eduardo Osuna, CEO, BBVA Mexico Noting that the country is in a recovery phase, he highlighted the positive development of sectors such as services and the tourism sector.

BBVA CEO stressed, “The banks have provided tremendous support to the economy, have been proactive and have solid plans.

With the aim of knowing the current panorama of Mexican banks and the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic in the financial sector, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Mexico, in cooperation with BHR, implemented the Banking Board for the fifth year in a row 2021 via digital with the participation of Francisco Lyra, CEO of Banco Sabadell Mexico, Eduardo Osuna, and General Manager of BBVA México, and Hector Grecy, CEO and General Manager of Grupo Financiero Santander México and Banco Santander (Mexico).

Speakers explained that Mexican banks with Spanish capital demonstrate their commitment to continuing to support companies and small and medium-sized companies in general.

The Economic and commercial advisor to the Embassy of Spain In Mexico, Alvaro Pasteur said that banks in Mexico have a broad vision for operating economic activity and loans in various sectors and companies.

In addition to being a key point of the sustainability of many companies during the crisis caused by Covid-19 and continuing to make a strong commitment to investing in Mexico.

The representatives of the three banks agreed on this in matters Digital transformation Financial institutions have adapted to technological changes and developed their business models in line with the current environment and the needs of banking services users.

In addition to meeting the major challenges involved in this process and the emergence of new business models such as fintech companies.


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