The Sphere and other spherical buildings around the world

The Sphere and other spherical buildings around the world

Recently opened the fieldthe new covered amphitheater in heavenIt is a town near Las Vegas, in the state of Nevada, and its design and operation succeeded in captivating more than one person.

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This building is characterized by the presence of Spherical screenis able to display images that respond to this three-dimensional form, thus becoming a new tourist attraction among many in the “Sin City”.

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Its construction, commissioned by Madison Square Garden CompanyThe project began in 2018. However, the progress of the works was affected, above all, by the Covid-19 pandemic, so it was not officially opened until 2023.

the total, It has an area of ​​more than 81 thousand square meters, of which 54 thousand square meters are equipped with LED screensThus creating the largest LED covered wall in the world.

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Despite what it may seem, the concept of spherical structures is nothing new. In fact, this is something that has been done frequently outside the United States..

Asian countries such as China, United Arab Emirates, India, South Korea or England They have used this infrastructure concept to construct more than amazing buildings for different uses. Here are some of them:

This is located in MontrealOne of the most important cities in Canada. Its structure is 61 meters high and 78 meters in diameter. It was built in 1976 and is primarily built on a steel base.

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It is located in what was the old US Pavilion 1967 World’s Fair (Expo 67)which retained the spherical design.

The theater is currently a venue for practices in the study and care of water and the environment.

located in Dubai United Arab EmiratesIt has a huge infrastructure based on sustainable energy and the use of renewable energy.

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The project area is more than 800 thousand square meters, and its goal is to continue the policy of reducing the carbon footprint in the Middle East.

This sports hall is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Its diameter is 110 meters and its internal height is 85 metres. It has an area of ​​605,000 cubic meters and can accommodate 16,000 spectators for shows and concerts..

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The building is the center of the Swedish solar system, a 1:20 million scale model of the solar system, serving as the sun.

House Heads Building

Built in 2021, it is the first building of its kind in the United Arab Emirates. located in Al Raha Beach, Abu Dhabi City.

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It was possible to raise the building through the use of a steel structural grid. It is the headquarters of Aldar Properties, the national real estate investment, management and development company, which is responsible for many events and projects in the city.


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