Uganda, Gabon, Niger and the Central African Republic are free of tax definition on exports to the USA

Uganda, Gabon, Niger and the Central African Republic are free of tax definition on exports to the USA

DrAccording to international news agencies, Biden has taken decisions based on “serious violations” of human rights and will not take important steps for the glory of democracy.

Joe Biden said that these countries “have not been established, or do not provide continuity to the process of establishing the protection of political pluralism in Direto State,” noting that the exit program for the Central African Republic and Uganda is now being launched. “Serious human rights violations” by the government are An implicit reference to the attack carried out on homosexuals in these countries.

The United States passed the African Growth and Opportunity Act (Lei do Crescimento e Oportunidades em África, AGOA) in 2000, opening up approximately 1,800 products that could be exported by two African countries to the United States at discounted or discounted prices. Customs tariffs.

In addition to these four countries that must be declared outside the agreement starting next year, Burkina Faso, Mali and Guinea Conakry are also being attacked due to the military coups that these countries have witnessed in recent years.

Since its passage in 2000, the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act has remained at the center of economic and trade policy in the United States as an African continent.

More than 30 African countries benefit from the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act, which allows access to financial exemptions in the export of certain products to the United States, according to North American authorities.

The exclusive news from these four countries comes ahead of the second visit of the US State Department’s Deputy Secretary for African Affairs, Joy Basso, to Angola, with the aim of strengthening the partnership. Economic development of the country and facilitating the diversification of the “entire Angolan economy”.

“We have some significant investments from American companies that are only facilitated by the (federal) government, whether in Lobito or in solar energy and telecommunications,” he explained to the governor in statements to Lusa in Johannesburg, where he participated in the 20th session. Edition of the Water Trade Forum.

These are only US-based companies that are “acting as the US government to invest more in Angola, and the goal of our trip is to understand what we can do to facilitate strong bilateral trade between the United States and Angola and further diversify economic growth.” “, Adianto.

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