The teacher says Caucasian leadership contributes little to the region’s progress

The teacher says Caucasian leadership contributes little to the region’s progress

A combination of laziness state And non-existence special offeradded to it high Insecurity Subordinate region caucana, will be the agents that attack directly leading businesses A university professor from the locals said Oliver Quijano.

Lies and secrets

Quijano explained, in an interview with DIARIO DEL CAUCA, that there is currently a kind of distraction About the leading businessestrying to show it as a relief from ills Economy In the Community. This is a topic he addressed in a recent book of his Composition Which has already been revealed Medellinalmost Bogotá.

“Empirically there is no relationship between leading businesses And evolution. Of the projects that are born, very few succeed and do not last for two years. For some, entrepreneurship can be compared to… pry. Kauka and Popayan Despite institutional efforts on the subject, it still gives A step forward The two in the back said Professor Quijano.

He added, “Entrepreneurship is not like… development. The countries with the largest number of entrepreneurship are Cameroon, Thailand, Vietnam, Uganda And Brazil. Not developed except for some Brazil. I think we are Cheating There is a lot of misunderstanding about this topic.

The professor realized that although this was true, it was also true that there were other things success stories With entrepreneurship. But he stressed that this would be possible in the area where it is located conditions Notables Economic growth So that they can To flourish. Something of it Lacks Cauca, both in its physical aspect and in… My mind.

“Kawka A A very complex area And complex and Leaders They don’t help. I discussed this in my book, “Realizing that they are deceiving us and we are deceiving ourselves.” there Rhetorical abuse Of the topic and too much ignorance. Classic duck suffers from Abstain from voting At risk, your money is in The banking sector And finance Currency devaluation. There is no appetite for risk, no development, and no capitalism without it Risk propensity“Explained analyst Alvear Quijano. Other problems are added, such as those that are almost non-existent infrastructure Roads, economics and productivity. I just came from Antioquia, light years, 100 years Road delay In Cauca, a century is spoken for The road to the sea Thus the governor says nonsense about the road revolution. In Medellin they did a The tunnel leading to the airport Over a length of 8 km. There is a lot of inability and laziness, and of course there is none imagination“, pointed out the university professor Oliver Quijano

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