The Sports Authority submitted a series of draft resolutions and declarations

The Sports Authority submitted a series of draft resolutions and declarations

Committee members endorsed a series of draft resolutions and declarationsAmong them are those declaring interest for the House of Representatives’ annual event within 300 miles of Santa Fe and the Warmwood County Festival and Italian Fonda, held March 11, 2023 in Zen Pereira Township, Santa Fe County.

Also, the International Championships of the Americas for Down Syndrome Athletes: American Tri21 Buenos Aires 2023, which will take place from March 20-25, 2023 in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires; and the Gisela Lopez Marathon, which takes place annually in the city of Santa Elena, Entre Rios province.

Likewise, the Draft Resolutions to express appreciation for the 50th anniversary of the first road touring championship won by Cordoba driver, Hector Luis “Perrin” Gradassi, on 17 December 1972; to hold the Juan Domingo Perón Sports Tournament organized annually by the Light and Power Union of Mercedes, Buenos Aires Province; And for the car race in celebration of 170 years of the adoption of the National Constitution and 40 years of democracy in our country, which will be held on April 29 and 30, 2023 in Concepción del Uruguay, Entre Rios Province.

In the same sense, which highlights his attainment of the title of WBA Continental Boxing Champion, middleweight, achieved by Francisco “Bebu” Vern, in Orlando, United States, on December 12, 2022; And for the career of the athlete Estefana Ferrando, from the city of Gualeguay, in the province of Entre Rios, in the Boccia Paralympic discipline.

Finally, the project that expresses appreciation for Yamila Rodriguez, the first Argentine player in history to enter the list of twenty soccer players nominated to win the Globe Soccer Awards, which was held on November 27, 2022 in Dubai.

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