The Symphony Orchestra of the region receives the “Brass for Africa” ​​award – Murcia – San Javier

The Symphony Orchestra of the region receives the “Brass for Africa” ​​award – Murcia – San Javier

The Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia (OSRM), with the support of the Ministry of the Presidency, Tourism, Culture, Youth and Sports and its Spokesperson, will welcome the “Brass for Africa” ​​musicians in a concert full of many attractions, next Thursday, April 20 (8:00 pm), in the Víctor Hall Villegas Regional in Murcia.

The first step will be a visit to the Israeli director Yaron Troub, who will lead the symphony to conduct an original repertoire with premieres by contemporary composers and concert commissions and a great symphony. The public in Murcia will see the premiere of “Kilimanjaro”, a work composed for the occasion by the world-renowned composer and trombonist Riccardo Mola, and performed by OSRM’s brass and percussion department.

Next, the entire symphony will be entertained by six Ugandan musicians from the “Brass for Africa” ​​society, which is touring Spain with “Kisoboka” (“Anything Is Possible”), a work by British composers Guy Barker and Alan Fernie, commissioned by Symphony Orchestras of Castilla, León, Bilbao and the Region of Murcia.

The culmination of this concert is the interpretation of one of the famous works of music, Schubert’s Symphony No. 9, better known as “The Big One”.

The power of music

‘Brass for Africa’ is a charity that aims to promote social justice through music, equipping children and youth from environments of extreme poverty in Uganda, Liberia and Rwanda, with the musical skills that allow them to develop their potential and gain new opportunities to thrive.

The association works with more than a thousand young people and is managed by 95 percent of the citizens of the African continent. All music teachers are alumni of their programmes.

Brass for Africa works in partnership with more than 20 community organizations. They teach music and through their curriculum promote transferable life skills such as self-confidence, perseverance, focus, and communication. Thus, she uses music to advocate for her four strategic goals: workplace preparation, community empowerment, disability inclusion, and gender equality.

Yaron Troupe

As for the Israeli conductor Yaron Troupe, one of the most famous concert masters in Spain, he was the principal artistic director of the Valencia Orchestra (2005-2017). In 1998, he won the Kondraschen International Conducting Competition in Amsterdam, and has since conducted with some of the world’s most prestigious symphony ensembles, among others, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Philharmonic and Radio Symphony Orchestra. St. Petersburg Mariinsky Orchestra, Stuttgart Radio Symphony, Sydney and Melbourne Symphony, Swedish Radio Symphony, Rotterdam Philharmonic and Gulbenkian.

Committed to education through music, Traub has promoted many educational activities, aimed at children and adolescents, bringing classical music closer to the younger generations through direct participation in the musical event, restoring the educational and social goals of classical music in youth and ensuring future audience bases.

Thus, under his direction and prompting, such great ballets as “The Rite of Spring” and “Petrushka” by Igor Stravinski and “Romeo and Juliet” by Prokofiev were staged, with choreographies involving a hundred teenagers of the high school stage with the musicians of the Valencia Orchestra in An innovative learning experience.

Tickets for the concert are available at the Auditorio Víctor Villegas box office (tel. 968-343080) and at At 7:15 p.m., the usual pre-party chat will take place with some of the show’s heroes.

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