The strange case of the “flying boat” in the United Kingdom

The strange case of the “flying boat” in the United Kingdom
The ship appears to be flying over the sea with an optical illusion called a “superior mirage”. | Photo: Twitter.

picture ‘Flying ship’ That appears to be above the sea Near Falmouth, Cornwall in United kingdom It spread on the Internet generating a series of theories about its origin, however Is it real or is it a photo montage?

The Picture of the “flying ship” David Morris picked him up while in the seaside village of Gilan It’s realBBC London Meteorologist David Breen said.

According to the expert, The reason the ship appears to be flying over the sea is an optical illusion It is called the “superior mirage” or is also known as “Coral Girl”, Which is caused by “special weather conditions that distort light.”

“The superior mirage is caused by climatic conditions known as temperature inversion, where the cold air is near the sea with warmer air above it,” Brain said adding that “Since cold air is denser than warm air, it diverts light into the eyes of someone standing on the ground or at the beach, and changes the appearance of a distant object.

In the photo you can see the blue sea of ​​Gilan and on the horizon A. Who appears to be above the waterTo allow even the blue of the sky between the sea and the ship to be seen; The photo, according to Morris, left him dumbfounded.

However, the meteorologist said that although this phenomenon is rarely seen in United kingdomIn the arctic region it is very common to happen. In fact, he explained that a “super mirage” could produce many different types of images, such as the one shown in Picture of “floating ship” Or sometimes it is also possible to see an object under the horizon.

Other flying ships

However, this is not the only recorded case of a “Flying ship”. In March 2020, a woman named Eva Atkinson picked up from her balcony in Gavà Mar, Barcelona, ​​a “Flying ship”.

The ‘flying boat’ was captured in 2020 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. | Photo: Twitter.

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