The Taliban wants a US presence in Kabul: US officials


The Taliban they asked United State The United States maintained a diplomatic presence in Kabul after its forces withdrew, but Washington has not yet decided on its plans, US officials said Friday.

Afghanistan’s new hard-line rulers want countries to keep their embassies open once the evacuation mission ends on August 31, said officials, who asked not to be named.

After the Taliban rose to power in mid-August, the remaining US diplomats in the embassy moved to Kabul Airport, secured by United States Forces.

But the US military is scheduled to leave Kabul on Tuesday, according to the schedule set by President Joe Biden. So if the president maintains a presence in Kabul, there will be no soldiers to protect the diplomats.

Under these circumstances, and with the United States not recognizing a Taliban-led government, Washington’s continued diplomatic presence in Kabul is a big question mark.

US officials said the matter was being discussed within the government.

They also said that the safety of officials is the top priority and that a decision could be announced early next week.

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