The United Nations hopes to finish its science museum and research center by 2025

The United Nations hopes to finish its science museum and research center by 2025

Pamplona – The University of Navarra (United Nations) yesterday presented the BIOMA Center, whose construction will start next year next to the Sima area with the aim of housing a science museum and a space for research and teaching from 2025. As explained by the President of the United Nations University, Maria Iraporo, it is “a collaborative project that seeks to contribute to development sustainable community of Vural in its triple dimension: social, environmental and economic, in collaboration with management, entities and the business fabric”.

The BIOMA Center will be built in the Cima district, in front of the University Clinic of Navarra, to serve as a “link” between the campus and the city of Pamplona, ​​and will have an area of ​​13,000 square metres. Of these, 3,600 will be dedicated to teaching; 2800 to search; and another 4,400 square meters to the exhibition area.

Access to the building will be through a new pedestrian plaza, giving direct access to the service area: reception, shop, restaurant area and various spaces for meetings with businesses, institutions and other external entities.

With a budget of 30 million euros – 24 correspond to the building, 2 for equipment and another 4 for urbanization and parking – works for the building are expected to start during the next year 2023, provided the necessary funds obtained through the university’s fundraising procedures are available. So far, a third of the funding has been achieved and the center is expected to open in the 2025-2026 academic year.

The innovative project was presented yesterday at a meeting with regional businessmen at the headquarters of the Business Confederation of Navarra (CEN) in which Juan Miguel Soconza, President of CEN, participated. Dean of the University of Navarra, Maria Iraporo; Director of the Institute for Biodiversity and Environment, Inmaculada Pascual; Director of the Science Museum, Ignacio Lopez Goni; Project Architect, Francisco Mangado. Biome Development Director, Javier Ortega; General Manager of Arpa Abogados Consultores, José Ignacio Pérez de Albéniz, and Minister of the University, Innovation and Digital Transformation of the Government of Navarre, Juan Cruz Cigudosa.

CEN Head, Juan Miguel SoconzaHe welcomed the attendees and stressed that “companies must lead the transformation in sustainability” based on cooperation and a commitment to seek common solutions.

On her part, the Dean of the University of Navarra said, Maria Iraporo, noted that the aim of this “stellar project” of his legislature is to make a constructive and innovative contribution, putting science at the service of nature and people. “We want to build the new BIOMA Center with all the social agents – business and management – and we wanted it to be in Navarra, a land characterized by its biodiversity, social cohesion and good economic data. BIOMA Center reaffirms the university’s commitment to Navarre.”

The new building will promote interdisciplinary research on biodiversity, one of the major current challenges and which is already being implemented by the Institute for Biodiversity and the Environment, which has more than 50 researchers, explained pure Easter.

Million records in the museum Besides research, the Science Museum will be a space for scientific dissemination and training of new generations, who can face the problems of our planet in a responsible and creative way. The museum’s director, Ignacio López-Goni, emphasized the importance of this space. “We have one of the most important collections in Spain, but it is a heritage that we are currently hiding in warehouses due to a lack of space. We have been in business for over 50 years and have over a million museum records, over 10,000 species of animals and plants and over 300 species descriptions. It will be The new space is essential to spreading respect for biodiversity.”

Architect Francisco MangadoThe author of what may be his “last great project”, noted that the building would “support the goals of respect for the environment and sustainability”, in which energy-saving measures and enhanced facilities efficiency would be incorporated.

Xavier OrtegaThe BIOMA Center Development Director stressed the need for strong collaboration between the public and private spheres, civil society, the university, businesses and management. Finally, Minister of the University, Innovation and Digital Transformation of the Government of Navarre, John Cruz SegudosaThe event concluded by praising the project, which “will allow students to train, promote interdisciplinary and applied research, as well as promote scientific publishing in Navarre.” he is

“The center is the star project of these years and confirms the commitment of the United Nations to Navarre.”

Maria Iraporo

Dean of the University of Navarra

“Companies must lead the shift in sustainability from collaboration”

Juan Miguel Soconza

CEN . head

“I want BIOME to be an element of communication between the city and the campus”

Francisco Mangado

engineer by day

“The project will allow students to train and promote scientific publishing in Navarre”

Juan Cruz Segudosa

Government university advisor

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