The United States: All of its official cars will be electric in 2035


The transition will be completed earlier for light vehicles

It is expected to save more than 3000 million kilograms of harmful gases in the atmosphere

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, will sign an executive order making all official government vehicles in that country electric by 2035.

More than 645,000 official cars from US government They will be electric or zero-emissions between now and 2035. In fact, light vehicles are expected to complete the transition from a thermal engine to battery-powered before that, in 2027. That’s what the executive order the president will sign today says Biden.

This action has been planned for a while, so that the step that will be taken today is simply to make it official. It will be complemented by a promise to reduce emissions during federal operations and to invest in clean energy projects that are not yet detailed.

The White House It says it will work alongside various US automakers, so that at the end of the process the government’s fleet of electric vehicles will be the largest in the country. It currently has more than 200,000 passenger vehicles, 47,000 transport trucks, 847 ambulances and 78,500 heavy trucks.

The numbers for this transition are staggering. It is estimated that the US government fleet annually travels 7,200 million km, which represents the expenditure of 1,500 million liters of fuel and the emission of 3,100 million kg of fuel. greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Strata’s first steps Transition to the electric car In the US official real estate has already occurred. For example, the Department of the Interior has begun replacing its light motorcycles with electric units, while some police forces in Washington, New York and San Francisco are already moving in vehicles of this type. The Department of Homeland Security is also scheduled to begin field testing of the Ford Mustang Mach-E in early 2022.

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