The United States and the pressure suit on Ukraine – Juventud Rebeldi


Moscow, 23 November. – The United States is sending its allies false information that our country is concentrating its forces on the border with Ukraine, confirmed by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, which considers that the situation is similar to before the invasion of South Ossetia by Georgia. In 2008, which led to Russia’s judicial intervention.

“Recently, officials in Washington are intimidating the international community with an alleged Russian readiness for ‘aggression’ against Ukraine,” the foundation said, adding that “the U.S. State Department is sending completely false information through diplomatic channels to its allies and partners. .

Sputnik reported that, according to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Agency, the Americans are making “horrific scenes of how Russian tank crowds begin to crush Ukrainian cities, convincing – their allies – that they have some” reliable information “about these intentions . ” from Russia.

“It is surprising how quickly the once highly respected Department of Foreign Policy has become the mouthpiece of false propaganda,” the press office stressed.

Russian Foreign Intelligence expressed concern that such intense Western propaganda “encourages Kiev to increase its military presence in the Donbass” and to resume attacks on civilian facilities.

The Russian entity triggered a preparatory case for the invasion of South Ossetia, carried out by Georgia in 2008, which prompted Russia to arrange a peace enforcement operation. And the then Georgian president, Mikhail Saakashvili, tried to “eliminate Russian peacekeepers and the civilian population of South Ossetia,” which “cost him a lot.”

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