The United States announces a law to protect people from artificial intelligence


AI Bill of Rights PlanThis is the new initiative of the US government. They seek to protect people from artificial intelligence with this law. It’s something that’s in development, but they hope it becomes official soon. It is a series of initiatives that seek to provide tools to assist legislators and companies in this area.

The United States announces a law to protect people from artificial intelligence

The idea is to be prepared for the advancement of AI and its many uses. It can provide more protection for companies, as well as for lawmakers, to protect their products.

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They’ve been for a year Gathering data and opinions of legislators and professionals, So that there is information about the damage the algorithms can cause. The idea is to know how to solve it as well. In other words, one of the ideas or rules of this action is the ability to counteract what an AI might do, if it is used inappropriately by users or companies, or if the intelligence itself acquires its own consciousness.

Issues such as monitoring, high-performance systems, and data security themselves are of concern. These are the areas where things can go wrong when using AI. So with this law they seek to prepare for this type of situation and have guidelines to follow.

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The United States is working on this law as published on the official website of the White House. They are not the only ones, because The European Union has also been working on an AI law for a long time. Therefore, they also seek to indicate the guidelines to follow in the future, as well as to know what to do next in such cases.

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