The United States arrived late at the Azteca Stadium due to congestion

In addition, the Mexico City authorities have prepared an operation for visitors, in which it has been reported that nearly a thousand fans have arrived.

set of United State Lateness Aztec Stadiumbecause he was having problems with .’s premium traffic Mexico CityIn addition, about a thousand fans of stars and stripes are expected to support them in the match against them Mexico.

United State Stayed in a hotel near Chapultepec Forestwhich is 23 km from Aztec Stadiumso arriving for the match against Mexico. Greg Berhalter’s team was expected to arrive after 6pm and arrive around 7pm.

A traffic policeman who was preparing to enter a team from . admitted United State.

Moreover, the powers Mexico City They prepared a process for visitors, in which it was reported that nearly a thousand fans arrived from United Statedistributed in 14 trucks, to meet in Aztec Stadium.

Four hours before the party, the items were waiting for followers of the visiting Stars and Stripes team. for followers United State They were asked for their passport in order to be able to register their Fan ID and enter Aztec Stadium.

Without Fan ID in Azteca Stadium Boxes

in boxes Aztec Stadium The fan ID that was requested from the rest of the participants in the match between Mexico And the United Statebecause they were asked to sign a document for their owners, to be responsible for the behavior of their guests.

One hour of the match between Mexico And the United Stateat Aztec StadiumThe Fan ID system was broken, so fans began entering the building without being recognized.

The FAN ID was tested in front of 50,000 people, which caused long queues and ended up falling, as QR code readers stopped working, as evidenced by the video this medium was able to collect.

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