The United States denounced the Chinese regime’s intention to expand and modernize its nuclear arsenal

Soldiers of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army salute in front of nuclear-capable missiles during a massive parade to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in Beijing. Photograph: David Gray/Reuters

The United States was “extremely concerned” on Wednesday by the indications China may build two large nuclear missile silo fieldsBeijing was accused of ignoringDecades of StrategyGlobal on atomic arsenals.

A State Department spokesperson confirmed this to EFE The Asian giant “accelerates its nuclear escalation”., After what An independent US report will ensure that China is building a new missile silo field.

This escalation is deeply troubling, raises questions about what China’s intent is, and demonstrates the importance of following practical measures to reduce nuclear risks.‘, emphasized to EFE The official spokesperson, who requested anonymity.

The source pointed to an investigation published today, Monday, by the American Thought Center. Federation of American Scientists (FAS), on the basis of which China is building a silo field in northwest Xinjiang.

FAS researchers, based on satellite images, estimate that this field, located near the city of Hame, will have a potential capacity of 110 silos.And who – which These are underground facilities designed to store nuclear missiles.

Silos Satellite Image
Silos Satellite Image

Which was revealed by the FAS report is the second alleged silo field in China to appear in the last month, It was later denounced by other US researchers at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies in Monterey (California) in early July.

This was confirmed by the Californian center, which also relied on satellite images China was building as many as 120 silos to house ICBMs in a desert area near the city of the northwest province of Gansu.

Assumes the sum of the two so-called silo fields under construction”The most significant expansion to date of China’s nuclear arsenalFAS researchers said in their report.

The Pentagon estimates that “China’s nuclear capacity will double over the next decade.”, confirmed this Wednesday to EFE Defense Department spokesman Marty Mainers.

While this is unlikely to allow China to reach parity with the United States and Russia in terms of its nuclear arsenal in the next decade, Washington is concerned about Beijing’s lack of transparency and signs that it is trying to acquire “naval weapons” and Russian-style air systems.

Despite Chinese secrecy, this rapid escalation is difficult to hide and shows how China is deviating from decades of nuclear strategy based on minimal deterrencesaid the aforementioned State Department spokesperson.

Silos Satellite Image
Silos Satellite Image

This situation appears.Why is it in everyone’s interest for nuclear powers to talk directly to each other about how to reduce nuclear dangers and avoid arithmetic errors,” he added.

According to the FAS report, It appears that China “has approximately 250 silos under construction” in total, “More than ten times the number of ICBM silos in operation now” in the country, which is close to 20.

Those 250 silos under construction suspected exceed the number of such facilities operated by Russia, and equal “More than half” The document said the United States’ intercontinental ballistic missile capacity.

While the United States and Russia currently have about 4,000 warheads, China has about 350According to FAS estimates, which confirms that it is not clear how the Asian giant will use its new silos or how many warheads it will be able to house.

(With information from EFE)

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