The United States exceeds the target by handing over so many immigrant visas to Cubans

The United States exceeds the target by handing over so many immigrant visas to Cubans

The United States exceeded the goal of issuing 20,000 annual visas to Cuban citizens during the 2022 fiscal year.

The US government issued a total of 23,966 visas to residents of Cuba from October 2021 to September 2022.

This is the first time since 2017 that the US government has met its annual goal. a few months ago, The country was expected to reach its goal. By that time, an average of 1,517 visas were issued per month.

Instead, there was an accelerated increase during August and September when a total of 8,020 visas were delivered, which is 33% of the overall amount.

Below is a breakdown of the five visa categories with the most approved applications in fiscal year 2022.

Here is the definition of each:

foreign currency: Spouse or children of permanent residents.

IR5: Parents claimed by children who hold American citizenship.

IR1: Foreign nationals who have been married to a US citizen for two years or more.

IR2: Unmarried children under the age of 21.

F2A: Spouses and unmarried children of permanent residents of the United States.

DV: Diversity Visa Lottery.

A total of 975 Cubans won the Green Card Lottery Draw of this fiscal year. Which means that in this category, there are still 347 requests to process.

Which Cubans have priority when the US Embassy in Havana resumes immigrant visas?

Entry period to Diversity Visa Program for Fiscal Year 2024 (DV-2024) ends next Tuesday, November 8 at noon. You can submit your application through the website of the Consular Affairs Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by accessing this Link. Before submitting your information, we recommend that you Read our guide to avoid scams upon entering the lottery.

last August The United States Embassy in Havana has resumed operations of the Parole Program for Cuban Family Reunification.

Applications for the program have been piling up since 2017, when most US embassy services were suffered from high due to a mysterious disease known as “Havana Syndrome“That affected the health of diplomats and officials in that office.

The United States Embassy in Cuba is increasing its capacity to process this immigrant visa requirement

In September, the administration of President Joe Biden announced that All immigration visa processing services in Havana will resume in early 2023. Thanks to the resumption of operations, Cubans who apply for a visa will not have to travel to Guyana to be interviewed.

This week, the US Embassy in Cuba announced that Quadruple their ability to complete medical examinations Immigrant visa. Consular authorities said the measure, which seeks to “facilitate safe and legal immigration”, is part of consular services that the diplomatic headquarters plans to expand in 2023.

Despite US efforts, experts say the number of visas granted is not enough to address Cuba’s migration crisis.

Cuban analyst and Professor Andy S. Gomez in statements to CyberCopa.

At least 224,607 Cubans entered the United States through its land borders during the 2022 fiscal year, according to data from US Customs and Border Protection.

The number represents a whopping 471% increase over last year, when 39,303 Cubans arrived in the United States fleeing oppression and misery.

This European country allows Cubans to enter without a visa, but this door to Europe could be closed

The cost of this requirement to obtain an immigrant visa at the US Embassy in Cuba goes up significantly

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