There is no place for hate speech on Twitter.

There is no place for hate speech on Twitter.

The US government South African businessman warned on Friday Elon Musk It’s in social networks “There is no place for hate speechAfter sharing his plans to promote greater freedom of expression on his newly purchased Twitter.

In response to a question about whether the Biden administration is concerned about Musk’s acquisition of the social network, White House spokeswoman Karen Jean-Pierre said that the US government has been “very clear about that,” stressing that “There is no place for hate speech or harassment on social networks“.

President (Joe Biden) said this a long time ago Social media companies should take action to counter the spread of hate on their platforms. He was also clear in his concern about the power that large social media platforms have on everyday life,” Jean-Pierre said during a press conference.

Similarly, the White House has stressed the importance of this kind of platform ‘Keep taking action’ to reduce misinformationregardless of whether the social network is called “Twitter, Facebook or any other network” where users can spread misinformation.

Then the US government’s statements come Musk earned $44,000 million (Similar number in euros) Social network Twitter announced its plans to promote “freedom of expression”.

Among other aspects, within the mandate of the billionaire, Twitter could stop moderating some of its contentThat would potentially undo years of work the company has done to tackle misinformation and harassment and create “healthier” conversations on the platform.

Likewise, Musk has repeatedly expressed his disagreement with the social network’s practice of blocking users who repeatedly violate its policies, which increases the likelihood that users such as former US President Donald Trump will return to the platform.

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