Ugandan Royal Racing Club

Fort Portal is a small town in western Uganda, very close to the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the famous Ruwenzori and Virunga National Parks, the largest mountain gorilla sanctuary in the world. It is an ideal place for adventure tourism and also for trying to help the thousands of underprivileged people who live in the area. The latter is what he decided to do. Nurse from Santander Ignacio Candela, who dedicated his vacations at Valdecilla Hospital to collaborate with the NGO Cooperating Volunteers, dedicated to improving the living conditions of children in Uganda, Especially those who are housed in orphanages, nurseries and schools. Moreover, Candela, a devoted racing fan, took the opportunity to participate In collaboration with the Racing Foundation, he distributes kits from his team to those who need them most.


Few racing enthusiasts are happier than these three kids from Fort Portal once they receive their racing luggage.Ignatius candle

The Cantabrian aid worker, who waited a few weeks before distributing his Racinguista gifts, to make sure he gave them to those who needed them most, has an indelible experience: “The truth is, this is incredible. I decided to come to a project in a nursing home where children who have no resources and cannot go to school spend their day, trying to learn, play and get cared for by volunteers, and the others live right there. Ages range from approximately 3 to 12 years. Most of them don’t know English so it’s hard to communicate, but we try to teach them a little bit of everything. In the afternoons, I go to other projects to lend a helping hand, for example with the children, to bathe and feed them… They live in abject poverty and are abandoned.”

A reception center in Fort Portal, Uganda, with most of its children equipped by Racing.


Racing played its best game this season in Uganda.Ignatius candle

Before leaving for his experience as a volunteer in Uganda, Ignacio explained his project to Cesar Anivas, Director of the Racing Foundation, and immediately He found a collaboration between this establishment and the club itself, who searched their stores to find the products that Fort Portal juniors might need the most.

Ignacio Candela’s African adventure will soon come to an end, just when his career holidays are coming to an end, but this time in the heart of the black continent will not be in vain, For the impact the young Ugandans left in his heart and also, even if it was almost a symbolic help, for the smile that began in the girls and boys who received their race jerseys. There are many ways and many places to race, and this, in Uganda, is one of the most beautiful.

Children from Fort Portal in Uganda upon receiving their racing jerseys.


From Hummel, from Puma, from red, from green… everything is worth starting a smile on these little Ugandan faces.Ignatius candle

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