The United States, Mexico and Denmark win the gold medal in the team bracket


Guatemala City, April 24 (EFE) – Teams from the United States, Mexico and Denmark won gold medals this Saturday in the women’s, men’s and mixed shooting categories made up of teams from the 2021 Shooting World Cup disputed in Guatemala.

The Americans defeated the Mexicans in the women’s final with a strong score of 229-223, led by Paige Pierce.

The bronze went to the Colombians, who won an equal duel against El Salvador by 233 to 231.

In the men’s final, the Mexicans retaliated by defeating Colombia 230-227, led by captain Antonio Hidalgo.

The United States, the nominee and the leader in the classification, lost to Colombia in the semi-finals but won 235-231 in the battle for bronze, against France in second place.

As for the mixed compound bow method, the Danish team, consisting of Tania Gillenthen and Stephan Hansen, made three perfect rounds and lost only two points on their way to beating Mexican team Andrea Becera and Antonio Hidalgo 158-156.

Meanwhile, the Netherlands defeated hosts Guatemala on the bronze by 156 to 150, with the impressive participation of “Mr. Perfect”, calling them Mike Schlosser, who kept ten per shot and who also dazzled in the initial series with 36. Arrows included in the center of the goal.

At the end of the competition in Guatemala on Sunday, after having played the repeated method, the World Cup will continue its second phase in Switzerland between May 17 and 23.

The third stage will take place in Paris, France, between June 17-21, and the program and location of the final circuit has yet to be confirmed.

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