The United States plans to issue a new memo to end the residency program in Mexico


The Department of Homeland Security United State It said Wednesday that it intends to issue a new memorandum in the coming weeks ending the immigration program.”stay in mexico“.

The department issued a warrant in June to end the program implemented by the former president. Donald TrumpOfficially known as Immigrant Protection Protocols (MPP), a Texas judge ruled that it must be returned.

The Supreme court In August an attempt was rejected by the President’s government Joe Biden To obstruct the judge’s ruling in Texas.

New note ends MPP It will not take effect until the current requirements are lifted by a court orderThe ministry said in a statement today, Wednesday.

By issuing a new note that expires MPPHe added that the Chamber seeks to address the concerns raised by the courts regarding the above memorandum.

Biden, which since taking office in January has tried to reverse several harsh immigration policies trump, reverse program MPP. Texas And MeasurementRepublican-led states challenged the Democratic leader’s decision.

Republicans blame the rise in the number of immigrants caught crossing the US border — hitting a 20-year high in recent months — on a reversal. MPP and other immigration policies trump by Biden.


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