The United States recognizes Ecuadorian Attorney General Diana Salazar as one of the anti-corruption heroes | Politics | News


It is the “International Anti-Corruption Champions Award”, awarded by the US State Department.

Attorney general Diana Salazar Got on International Anti-Corruption Champions Award, Granted by County Administration From the United States of America.

Hence, Salazar is one of 12 people “on the front lines of fighting corruption at the local, national or global level” who have received awards, according to the US Secretary of State. Anthony Blink.

Salazar is along with Juan Francisco Sandoval, Chief Special Prosecutor against Impunity in Guatemala; The only ones in the region to receive this award.

“This award recognizes people who have worked tirelessly, often facing many adversities, to advocate transparency, fight corruption and ensure accountability in their countries,” Blinken said.

Meanwhile, Salazar said, after learning of the confession: “Fighting corruption is one of the obligations that I have taken upon myself as a professional and a citizen, and I will continue to do so regardless of the position I occupy, where I am in. Or the pressures that I receive.”

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