This is how outsourcing works in the United States and Canada


One of the most important reform proposals getting help from external sources It is to create a national registry of subcontracting companies.

The original initiative provided for permitting the provision of specialized services that are not part of the company’s purpose or the beneficiary’s economic activity. For this, permission from STPS will be required, and service providers will be part of the national public registry.

According to specialists, this proposal has an approach opposite to that of other governments in the region. For example, in the United States, every state issues a license, usually for two years, to companies. In addition, workers always know who the employer is, the length of the contract, their obligations, etc. In Canada, recruitment and outsourcing agencies must have a special license to operate.

Currently, in the United States there are approximately 17 million people under this scheme; Instead, Mexico has about 3 million. Finally, Canada has only 625,000 contract workers.

For this reason, North America is one of the regions with the best outsourcing industries. According to the Global Employment Consortium 2020, this scheme creates 20 million jobs through 21,000 companies designated for outsourcing.

According to the same report, North America is the region that provides the most job opportunities. Additionally, they are the ones that generate the most sales of the year.

New initiative in Mexico

In an interview with taxpayerPresident of the Mexican Association of Human Capital Companies (AMECH) Hector Marquez confirmed that in talks with Ministry of Labor officials, the authority confirmed that the initiative to regulate getting help from external sources It will be presented during this session period, which runs from February 1 to April 30, 2021.

The business representative said that although they were not aware of what was to come in the Federal Executive’s initiative to regulate getting help from external sources, They noticed a positive tendency on the part of the authorities to listen to the private initiative.

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