The United States will add a third gender option to your passport


Government United State They informed that they will be adding in passport A choice, so that people are not intersex, intersex, or with another person gender identity can refer to it.

With this new provision, US passports will not only contain female and male options, indicated with letters F and M, in the document, but will also give people the ability to choose their gender.

In addition, a medical certificate will no longer be necessary if the self-selected gender does not match the type found in other similar documents or in documents of dual citizenship.

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Changes in the US passport

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs emphasized that this initiative responds to the commitment to promote freedom, dignity and equality for all people, including people LGBTQI +.

Through a statement, they highlight that since Joe Biden’s accession to the presidency, numerous executive actions have been taken that demonstrate the administration’s commitment to human rights.

“The Department will take further steps to ensure fair treatment of LGBT US citizens, regardless of gender or gender, as we begin the process of updating our procedures for issuing US passports and consular reports,” the document says.

They also confirmed that they will work closely with their institutional partners to ensure as smooth a travel experience as possible for the passport holder.

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