The United States women’s national team suffered a painful defeat against England at Wembley

The United States women’s national team suffered a painful defeat against England at Wembley

On Friday, the preparatory match was held between England and the United States Inside women’s football, in an amazing environment like Wembley Stadium And 76,893 fans welcomed the showdown between the European Women’s Cup winners and the world champions. The English lionesses ended up in a duel with a score of 2-1.

The game has barely started The Americans were able to move forward thanks to a deep ball forward Sophia Smith, but unfortunately her shot went to the position of Marie Earps. In the fifth minute came Bethany Meade’s answer, who took a shot that was stopped by Alyssa Naher.So the duel began intensely and both teams are looking for the opponent’s goal.

In the tenth minute came the goal that opened the scoring because after a clean ball came out from the bottom, Bethany Meade advanced from the right and hit a low cross that Naomi Germa failed to cut and Lauren Hemp reached to push the ball into the back of the net. The Manchester City striker made it 1-0 and Wembley exploded in exhilaration to see their players take the lead.

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After that the Americans could not recover and also lost their left side Emily Fox to a blow to the face, and as the minutes passed, USWNT tried above all with Trinity Rodman on the right flank and they started putting in high pressure which led to a result in the 28th minute, when they stole the ball from Georgia Stanway so that Sophia Smith headed for the England goal and made it 1-1..

Once again, the Americans found themselves in trouble In the 31st minute since the central referee went to the VAR and issued a penalty kick to the home team; Stanway’s eleven-step record And the ones he drives Vlatko Andonovsky They had to argue against the tide again.

Despite being fast on the scoreboard at 36 minutes, The Americans witnessed the VAR grab 2-2 on Trinity Rodman because he was out of place in the previous action.. attackers USWNT Their chances were few to converge and generate danger, So it hurt that the exceptional play between Rodman, Megan Rapinoe and Sophia Smith did not appear on the scoreboard.

In the supplemental part, the world champions could not pose a danger against the goal of Marie Earps and, on the contrary, saw that the English had more opportunities to increase the advantage. near the end VAR summoned the central judge to point out that there was no hand after the punishment that was indicated in favor of USA national team And those led by Rapinoe were defeated after 21 undefeated matches.

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