The US Realizes That Withdrawal From Afghanistan Pose Risks the world


Washington- A senior US military commander acknowledged on Sunday that Afghan forces could suffer dire consequences in their fight against Taliban militants once the United States withdraws its forces from there.

The general Mark MilleyThe Joint Chiefs of Staff described the Afghan armed forces as “reasonably equipped, reasonably trained and reasonably directed.”

He mentioned the years of experience they had accumulated in their fight against the insurgency, but refused to categorically say that they were in a position to face the insurgency. Taliban Without international support.

Milley spoke to Associated Press and CNN reporters on the plane as he flew from Hawaii to Washington, just hours after the formal withdrawal began.

When asked whether he believed the Afghan forces were up to the challenge, he replied: “On the question of whether the Afghan army stands together as a fighting force or disintegrates, I think there are many possible scenarios, several potential outcomes, and different possibilities. On the one hand, there are. The possibility of bad and dramatic results, but on the other hand, there is the possibility that the armed forces will remain intact and a government that will remain.

“Regarding which of these possibilities will eventually materialize, frankly, we do not know yet. We will wait and see how events will unfold during the summer.”

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