The World Cup in Biarritz shows the football of the future

The World Cup in Biarritz shows the football of the future

And thehe is World Championship that will happen in Biarritz From October 23 to 29 will have a special meaning for a ballOne of the oldest and most classic sports. For many reasons, the World Cup will be renewable, for a leap forward future. Many were beaten records: from countries (34), from continents (there will be representation from the five). There will be 360 ​​athletes, 30 referees and also 360 matches, all of which will be broadcast, as well as new routes and many visual changes.

Xavier kazobonpresident International Football Associationdetails the numbers with satisfaction and indicates that the ball is working along the lines of the 2020 agenda International Olympic Committee, to which they add “2020 + 5”. Work has been done for regional unification in areas such as Latin American The ball has been present at the Pan-American, Central American and Bolivarian Games – and by expanding into the Mediterranean region, Asia and Africa (China, Nigeria, Uganda and South Africa, among others, will be among the countries that debuted in this World Cup).

In addition, this World Cup will be a large-scale launch of the “urban” football method, and frontwhich is played on a track 8 meters wide by 10 meters high, with one wall four meters long, similar to other sports’civilizedLike a 3×3 basketball. He will also be the protagonist of a video game developed by Playstation and can perform social functions such as, in addition to expanding exercise, rehabilitating spaces.

The World Cup in Biarritz will also see changes to the traditional dress Players are encouraged to use “advanced” materials such as carbon fiber in the blades, as they first appeared in female tip basket With regard to TV broadcasting and the Internet, the International Federation chose the very careful implementation in the hands of Mediapro for all the finals, although all games They will have a live signal. Cazaubon points out that the ball has two big advantages: recognition by the International Olympic Committee and World ChampionshipExtensive work has been done in this regard.

The intention is clearly that the World Cup in Biarritz, the second to be held in the French Basque city – the previous one took place in 1978Mark the before and after and promote the evolution of one of the most classic sports out there. And to get Spanish teamthe biggest goal is to restore 1st place in the medal table. In the previous appointment in Barcelona I lost a medal and the President of the Spanish Federation, Julian Garcia Angulo, He doesn’t want that to happen again.

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