Pilot Gustavo Ortega

The Trans Am Championship was created in 1966, and has since become one of the most popular series on American soil, ever since.It has ex-Formula 1 drivers in its ranks.

The Costa Rican pilot, Gustavo Ortega, who spoke with Mondiario Costa Rica, He would endeavor to elevate the country’s name and commented that it would always be a great pride to carry the tricolor flag out of bounds, that it was a great responsibility and that he always prepared with dedication to deal with it. To represent the country in the best way.

“There are many years of working in sports, and along the way God has opened and closed doors for me Which led me step by step to this moment.”Ortega in detail.

The national jockey explained that physical and mental preparation is very important for this sport, and that he has worked hard on his physical fitness in recent months and that On a psychological level he has always been considered very powerfulso you are really excited to go to your goal.

On expectations, Ortega noted that he knows the level of the championship is very high and that there are several factors that put him at a disadvantage. Relative to the rest of the competitors in the category.

“However, last year I had the opportunity to see them on the track and cycle in the same weekend as them, and although it was my first time at that circuit, we were able to get a very similar pace. This year The Chocron Motorsports team has invested heavily in vehicle improvements, Which we know is going to make a big difference, so we hope we get fast enough to be able to fight for first place,” Ortega commented.

in this occasion It will be registered in the TA PRO category, Being the most important method in the United States.

Costa Rica will have to measure its strength against the sporting elite of this type of car V8 engines over 850 hp, The power that allows them to reach more than 290 kilometers per hour in this circuit.

The race will consist of two training sessions of 30 minutes eacha 20-minute qualifying session and a 100-mile race, which translates to 90 minutes of continuous racing.

The competition will be held Next 5 and 6 November at the Circuit of the Americas in Texas in the United States. @all over the world

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