The world’s first “Grand Slam” of Parapademon to be held in Cartagena – Cartagena News

The world’s first “Grand Slam” of Parapademon to be held in Cartagena – Cartagena News

The world’s first “Grand Slam” of Parapademon was held in Cartagena

The International Cartagena Championship is considered a “Tier 1” tournament, the most important distinction under the new regulations of the Badminton World Federation.

Cartagena will host the first “Great .” eventDr strong hit’ From the entire history of Parapadmenton. The tournament, which will be held between March 8 and 13, in coastal city The competition will be considered “Level 1”The most important distinction within the new regulations implemented by the Badminton World Federation (BWF).

Because badminton is considered a Paralympic sport, with a certain role in the Tokyo Paralympic Games, the World Badminton Federation is working hard to give badminton more importance in order to match the level, opportunity and impact with badminton.

Cartagena will have the opportunity to host the first tournament It is these characteristics that are celebrated all over the world. During 2021, tournaments of world importance were held in places such as Dubai, Uganda or Bahrain.

In this year 2022, with the horizon of professional sport and giving it the greatest RelevanceBWF increased the number International tournaments. Besides Cartagena, Canada and Dublin will be the other venues for the 2022 Para Badminton Grand Slam tournament.

Badminton Club Cartagena continues to work so that the Parapadmenton Spanish Open Cartagena is a sporting and organizational success, ensuring the well-being of all athletes so that they can develop the tournament completely naturally while enjoying our city.

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