These are the extras included with Super Mario The Movie Blu-ray

These are the extras included with Super Mario The Movie Blu-ray

The record-breaking film will hit store shelves in just over a month, so if you haven’t seen it in theaters yet, know that you’ll soon be able to get your hands on the physical copy. But what exactly will the copy include? Super Mario blu-ray movie?

When will Super Mario The Movie Blu-ray be available for purchase?

Pre-orders are currently available in the US, and the Blu-ray, DVD, and digital release date will be set there. From 6 June. This date shouldn’t be too different from the release in Europe, so it’s likely the same week that the movie is also available here.

Super Mario Galaxy.

Thanks to the Australian Government’s age rating body, we were able to find out some details of the physical copies of the movie, as well as the content rating to see if it’s directed at children or not. They are these (in English):

Super Mario Field guide: Interviews with the cast explaining everything about the different worlds seen in the movie.

  • Lyrical peach video: How could it be otherwise, the Song of the Moment will also be included as an extra, featuring a video with the lyrics to the famous song Bowser gifted to Princess Peach.
  • settlement higherScoring: Interviews with the film’s cast and crew about how they discovered Mario’s world and how they experienced the film.
  • Driving lesson: Interview with Anna Taylor-Joy about what it’s like to be a Peach Princess.
  • Get to know the cast: Interviews with actors about the different roles they play. Here you can put the actors’ face behind the characters’ voices.

Available versions

As always, the Blu-ray will be available in several versionsThere will also be other accessories such as a vinyl record with soundtrack or file Story book Official sealed lighting. These can all be bought later, but for now we’ll have to keep waiting for them to go on sale or, at least, to be reserved on stores like Amazon, where the products are still not reserved (and it’s on Amazon UK, albeit with a completely random delivery date) .

fountain: Australian government
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