El Camino, the truth about immigration told by its protagonists

El Camino, the truth about immigration told by its protagonists

space Andalusia Television (ATV) “Andalusian Documentaries” This Friday (7:50pm) presents the documentary “The Road”Which concludes the African trilogy of director, producer and screenwriter Jose Manuel ColonAlong with feature films “black man with white skin” And “Eve’s Apple”.

“The Road”Share the tape south channel, It’s not a movie about immigration, it’s a movie about the stories of the people behind it. This documentary is a Make an effort going forward, to find out the reasons why people decide to leave their homes and the risks they take to achieve their goals. This is the path that thousands and millions of people walk From Africa to Europe. This is why the film was shot in the countries of origin (Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique, Uganda…), crossing places (deserts, forests…), jumping countries (Morocco, Tunisia….) and those hosts (Spain Italy…) with all those who risk their lives and those who help them.

Jose Manuel Colon He holds a degree in History from the University of Cadiz and in Journalism from the Universidad Antonio de Nebriga in Madrid. Founder Alchemists Audiovisual Productions SLin 2017 Clara Campoamore Award.

Air date: Friday, May 5, 2023, at 7:50 pm on Andalucía Televisión (ATV).

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