They hunt a strange sea creature that left scientists breathless | Video


a sea ​​creature Captured by a group of scientists on the Pacific coast in United State He caused a stir in social networks, because he represents a fish with transparent head And bright green eyes.

It was a team from the Institute Monterey Bay Aquarium Research (MBARI) The person who caught strange fish And they published pictures on social networking sites, where the creature can be seen swimming in the darkness of the ocean depths.

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You can see in the photos that it is a gray fish with a transparent head, which gives the opportunity to see inside the bright green eyes sensitive to light and rotation.

What is this creature?

This fish has caused a lot of damage impact In social networks and no less, because it is considered one of the strange species all over the world.

It’s about a fish barrel (Macropinna microstoma), which can reach 15 cm and is found at depths of 600-800 m in the twilight zone of the ocean.

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Although this is not a file one creature Found this year, experts also discovered at the bottom of the sea in Japan A creature believed to have become extinct 273 million years ago.

The scientists, led by paleontologist Mikolaj Zapalski of the University of Warsaw in Poland, we refer to as non-structural coral reefs consisting of the stems of some marine animals known as lilies or sea lilies.

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