They promise to improve service at the IMSS Clinic in Cuicatlán

They promise to improve service at the IMSS Clinic in Cuicatlán

The person in charge of IMSS Family Medicine Unit No. 13 strives to ensure quality care and warmth for beneficiaries

Written by Adalberto Brena

Quicatlan, Oxa. – After a meeting with medical, nursing, administrative, pharmacist, monitoring and cleaning personnel, the Director of Family Medicine Unit No. 13, Dr. Mario Enrique López Pacheco, confirmed that “the response has been positive. A working meeting with all the staff of this clinic of the Mexican Institute of Social Security. To agreements with all colleagues and the main objective is to redouble efforts, each one of his field of work, and a commitment to provide all beneficiaries with high quality and warm services.”

He added, “We try to understand the difficult situation they go through when they have a disease, so we seek to minimize the problems they face, receive them with a smile, treat them with kindness and respect in every action, as well as guide them after each consultation with quickly and correctly.”

López Pacheco explained, “As human beings we have shortcomings that we correct. Today’s mistakes translate into successes. So it has to be team work. Unit 13 Family Medicine (UMF) is entering a new phase. For this reason, meetings with co-workers will continue, and we will evaluate the results. After a while. We know that it is difficult in this area, which is the field of health, but we also understand that it is not impossible, “concluded the president of the UMF.

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