They thought they were going to the United States, but they just took their money – El Heraldo de Chiapas


Mapbest. – a group of About 60 people were scammed by someone supposed to be from the neighborhood, San Miguel de Mapestpic, who, deceived by taking them to the USA, gave him 20 to 35 thousand pesos in cash, but the individual and his accomplices do not appear.

Despair and anger reached their limits because of this group Most of them are farmers and builders From various municipalities of this Costa region and part of the Sierra Mariscal de Chiapas, they have already appeared before the Integrated Unit of Investigation and Restorative Justice of this Mapestpec municipality, to file an accusation against a subject identified as Geovanny N., to whom 58 people have confirmed that they have provided large sums of cash , while adhering to it Because it will take them to the city of Florida in the United States.

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Within the complaint submitted to the ministerial authorities and on social networking sites, the victims reported that they met Giovanni, through a woman who offered them a visa to reach American lands in search of work, and the group trusted them, including women. , because In the municipalities where I grew up there are no sources of work, They say that with a lot of effort they began to collect this resource, some even sold their yards in order to be able to deliver money and thus be able to migrate in search of new horizons.

It should be noted that between Scammers come from Motozintla, Escuintla, Mapstepec and even Cancun, since accordingly it will be in Monterrey, where they were planning to promote visas, and last Sunday they spoke in Escuintla, with a subject belonging according to immigration and that it would charge them only 50 percent of what they had already given to the lady, Andy Fleur in, sent by Giovanni .

It turns out that In these acts of abuse, there are three people involved, Therefore, the victims asked the prosecuting authorities to follow up the procedures and help locate and present Giovanni, so that he could return the economic resource, as some were involved in debts and others sold their property.

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