This is Megingo, the most populous and dirty island on the planet

This is Megingo, the most populous and dirty island on the planet

We sometimes complain about an excess of population in many cities on this planet that can bring serious problems to future societies. The example we give next is the extremes of how a small island can become a real mess of people and dirt in a few square kilometers. It is located around Megingo IslandIn terms of dimensions, it is considered the most populated and dirty island in the world.

Migingo Is a small island of fishermen located in Kenya, in the middle of Lake Victoria, about 4 thousand square meters With nearly 400 residents living off fishing every day. However, this island is located in a unique and very important pocket for fishing in the area, which is why it was the cause of conflict between different countries such as Kenya and Uganda.

piece of ground

Although it may seem strange, this is the most populous island in the world, with its streets having a pharmacy, many bars and one of the highest number of brothels per inhabitant in the world. There are five such facilities in the region. Really great for the small town of Megingo.

It is known that the fishermen who live there are often addicted to alcohol, and they can barely survive on fishing. That is, by adding population and establishments, an approximate mean of a Establishment of all 15 inhabitants.

Unfortunately, the Mijingo people have few resources, and the lack of water and waste treatment areas has turned the island into a veritable dung pile, which usually ends in Lake Victoria.

In a few square meters of the island, severe pollution is overcrowded and has serious supply problems.

Uganda and Kenya

Despite these unsanitary conditions, Uganda and Kenya have been fighting for the island for years for an important fishing spot on the lake.

In 2009, Uganda claimed the area, Although it belongs to Kenya, most of the nearby waters were from Uganda. What the Ugandan government has claimed is the pre-eminent status of the island when it comes to fishing in the Nile.

With this, Megingo has become one of the most conflictual places in Africa, which means that in 2019, Kenya agreed to share the island with Uganda, thus ending years of conflict and bringing a little peace to one of the most important places. From the planet.

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