This was the premiere of ‘The Adam Project’ on Netflix in New York

This was the premiere of ‘The Adam Project’ on Netflix in New York

Recently, he lived in New York City the first show from the movie”Adam’s ProjectFrom the Netflix platform and also has a red carpet full of big-name celebrities, which made it quite a sensation.

So is, as expected, the long-awaited premiere of film The movie “The Adam Project” in New York, USA had a red carpet filled with artists of the stature of its heroes such as Ryan Reynolds, Zoe Saldana and Jennifer Garner.

fact, discussion He was present at the media presentation of “The Adam Project” last Sunday in New York City, where several people also got to see some of the actors face-to-face in the Netflix movie.

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It is important to note that David OrtegaIn a live broadcast, it was highlighted that DEBATE was the only Mexican media invited to the event.

In addition, in some of the photos he took, a crowd of people could be seen outside the Lyncoln Center in New York, where the red carpet was performed.

It’s a movie that promises a lot, it’s a story in which we can see a human’s desire to be able to travel in time, and it has a cast of top-notch cast including Ryan Reynolds, Mark Buffalo and Jennifer Garner,” Ortega highlighted in his information.

On the other hand, large queues of people were seen in the said video, but of course they were all wearing their own face masks.

While the Netflix crew did a comprehensive review among those who attended the premiere of “The Adam Project.”

There was a great safety device in and around the venue, there are also huge berries and there is an expectation among people to see the artists who will be attending the premiere,” David Ortega points out.

The Adam Project is a film directed by Sean Levy with a screenplay by Jonathan Trooper and TS Naulin.

It is worth noting that its duration is 1 hour and 46 minutes, and it is a plot of science fiction, adventure, action and comedy.

According to the Netflix movie art sheet, the plot tells the story of an astronaut who travels through time, after a journey between the stars, and when he returns to Earth he realizes that things have changed in it, and also relates to his life.

Astronaut Happy, played by Ryan Reynolds, has several reasons for making the trip, and one of them is to meet a smaller version of himself.

As if that weren’t enough, “The Adam Project” stars Katherine Keener, Walker Scoble, Braxton Birken, Alex Mallary Jr., Lucy Guest, and Jessica Budenarik.

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