This will be Telusa, the future city that will be established in the United States

This will be Telusa, the future city that will be established in the United States

Many films have represented what it will be like to live in the future, and have shown us what cities, homes or vehicles could be in many years from now. However, the entrepreneur Mark Lor He went above and beyond and intends to embody these illusory images through creativity Telus, a A fully sustainable and just futuristic city.

Intention, as explained by it The project Location, is “creating a new city in it United State to establish a The global standard for urban life, expansion in human potential and becomes A model for future generationsIt is planned that The arrival of the first population in 2030, to reach a It had a population of 50,000 people that year. in the next Four decades, it aims to increase this figure to Five million people.

To achieve this, lor has prestigious services Danish architect Bjarke Ingelsstudio manager BIG Bjarke Ingels CollectionWho is already working on drawing the plans for this city to be built in the middle of the desert, in a An area of ​​about 600 square kilometers is currently empty fall NevadaAnd UtahAnd IdahoAnd ArizonaAnd Texas oh no Appalachian region.


Will be Telosa The most sustainable city in the world, will be ‘designed from scratch’ with an extension Best Master Plan for Architecture and Mobility To improve the quality of life for all residents. This includes a More environmental sustainabilityAnd More securityAnd Less noise and pollution And More economic efficiencyPrimarily, “Streets of Telusa Giving priority to bicycles and pedestrians. The Autonomous cars slow motion They safely share the street with people and nature.”

Additionally, “a light ceilingAnd water storage height And wind farms Allow It shares the structure and distributes everything it producesIn this way, the file Water I know Will store and clean And will reuse it in the place. Similarly, a Distribution of renewable energy systemFlexible and expandable.

A unified, transparent and open society

On the other hand, the construction of big watchtower a call equality, which will be a file The symbol of union between visitors and residents. And that’s what the creators of Telosa wanted a file to be An open, fair and inclusive city It adapts to contemporary lifestyles. Therefore, it will try to become a great tourist attraction with its wide range of Notable sporting eventsAnd Virtual RealityAnd music hallsAnd luxury hotelsAnd World class restaurants NS Convention Centers.

As for what its residents will find, the city promises to have transparent participatory democracy This person’ with strong Engagement and community participationWhat’s more, Housing will be ‘affordable and sustainable’ So that people of different budgets can access it, “Promote closer community“.

Education is another important sector of society, in which investment will be made to “ensure all students have access to quality teachers and resources that enhance learning and achievement.” There will also beComprehensive training and skills update programsto prepare people for it Long-term, well-paid jobs“.

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