Three years later, Apple Card hasn’t left the US and may never have

Three years later, Apple Card hasn’t left the US and may never have

No, we haven’t forgotten it, but everyone outside the US has a reason for it. It’s been three years since the introduction of Apple Card, the credit card that Apple introduced with Goldman Sachs as an enhancement to its payment platforms. After all this time, what changes have occurred?

The Apple Card might be something we never see outside of the US

On the expansion level, Apple Card has not taken any steps. This is still an American thing, and even rumors about the upcoming expansion in Canada have not come to fruition. On the one hand, it’s understandable that credit card culture is something very ingrained in Americans. Exporting an Apple Card from there is quite complicated.

But on the other hand, there were signs of expansion towards other countries that remained a dead letter. Today there is nothing to be optimistic about whether we will see a credit card (or even a debit card) from Apple in Spain, Mexico and other countries.

In fact Apple Card official website It indicates a certain forgetfulness. The iPhones featured in the marketing photos have the iPhone X, XS, and 11 design, and that means that in Cupertino They haven’t bothered to update the design since before the launch of iPhone 12. This is already over a year and a half. It does not convey good feelings.

This iPhone is already old enough in 2022 to be shown on the website of one of the services, Apple …

Apple Cash (formerly Apple Pay Cash) has seen progress at times timid more in rumors and even showed its paw in Spain, but it was more of a gaffe for iOS than anything else. And everyone is used to it to BizumMany have given up on this personal money transfer platform from Apple. Like the Apple Card, it remains something reserved for Americans.

Green sprouts in the form of other small services

Where we saw the strange leak and news in the service ApplePayWhich is seeking to accommodate itself in the wave of installment payment services that can be contracted from the mobile phone. It is known “Apple Pay Later”, which would allow any user of the service to be able to divide the purchase into four payments comfortably and without strict conditions.

In addition, Apple Pay has been extended to many countries to integrate with many banks: Spain, Mexico, most of Europe, Japan, Australia… The only setback I faced was due to force majeure.

Perhaps, perhaps, the Apple Card is something that will be left behind in the future of digital payments

Then we have Tap to Pay, the service that Apple has officially announced that will allow it Use iPhone as a customer payment terminal. This seeks to position itself alongside services such as Square, which has always relied on the accessories attached to your iPhone to be able to make those charges. They will soon be a thing of the past.

And here I am venturing to explain, but The future of Apple payments worldwide may not be in Apple Card. Perhaps this card remained typical of Americans, seeing that it would not work in the rest of the countries. Perhaps the future is to abandon those traditional banking concepts and pay those iPhone services as a collection terminal or as a tool to contract installment payments. Now, I could very likely be wrong because Apple had bought a UK bank credit reporting company. This could be a good sign.

How are Apple Pay, Apple Cash, and Apple Card different

Something that would support a move away from credit cards movements From different countries and continents to Create your own digital currency, which is something that can be easily controlled from your iPhone. And of course, cryptocurrencies may have some influence here. After three years without changes or news in the Apple Card, Cupertino may have decided to wait.

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