Tigo Money and Visa join efforts to advance financial inclusion in Latin America

Tigo Money and Visa join efforts to advance financial inclusion in Latin America

Tigo Money Company financial technology From the Millicom (Tigo) financial services group in technology Digital in Latin america s VisaA digital payments company with a global presence, recently announced an alliance that seeks to expand access to digital financial services, and democratize financial inclusion in Latin america.

Reportedly, The agreement will benefit millions of Tigo Money users in the regionwith a payment solution: Visa Tigo Money linked card Pocket wallet Tigo Money will allow users to easily and securely use their digital money anywhere Visa is accepted.

The efforts of this alliance between the two companies target more than 5 million Tigo Money users across Latin America, connecting more and more people to the financial system.

Provides solutions to usersA comprehensive digital experienceAnd the option to instantly use the funds available in your Tigo Money wallet to make online or physical payments in a secure and convenient way.

In addition, users will have the possibility to choose a physical card, which can be used in more than 80 establishments worldwide that accept Visa, and will also contain Contactless Technology, which will allow their users to use Tap to Pay for their daily tasks, such as making purchases. meals at restaurants, and using public transportation, among other options.

Part of this strategy for Visa, in its alliance with Tigo Money, is to collaborate with technology companies to deliver solutions that advance digital inclusion and cashless economies.. The company continues to work alongside platforms, fintech companies, digital solution developers and startup companies to create or to createPayment solutions that add value to the ecosystem“.

Eduardo Coelho, Visa’s Regional Head for Latin America and the Caribbean, commented that Visa is pleased with this alliance, as it represents an opportunity to offer solutions that allow Connecting more people to the digital economyHe also stated that:

“While most countries in our region continue to operate in a cash-based economy, with accessible digital solutions such as the Visa Tigo Money card, we are bridging the gap and catering to sectors that are both digitally and financially excluded.” comment.

For his part, Tigo Money CEO Pablo Monteferro Araya noted that:

“From the outset, we are pleased to be working with Visa to jointly launch this new payment solution, as we continue to make progress in enabling innovative and inclusive digital solutions at scale,” he concluded.

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