Todd Phillips was already signed up to write Joker 2

Todd Phillips was already signed up to write Joker 2

To squeeze every penny. This is the logic of Hollywood. After the Joker – 91% will cross the $ 1 billion mark globally, so it’s no surprise that Warner Bros. studio is looking to continue leveraging DC conditioning. What is surprising is that they have already convinced director and screenwriter Todd Phillips to return to writing Joker 2, the next installment in another franchise.

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According to an article before The Hollywood ReporterAnd the Todd Phillips You have already won a writing contract Joker 2. You have to be careful to take this as confirmed one hundred percent, because this stems from the suggestion that he makes a report on the best lawyers in Hollywood, one of them. Warren Dern, A member of Sloane Offer Weber & Dern, who has the outlet among his clients.

What is said, in a brief overview of this attorney, is that he has investigated that “Todd Phillips has been awarded a contract to co-write the next batch of the Joker.” He may have inadvertently revealed that the sequel is real and is being worked on. In the past, the director sent mixed signals and set some conditions for a comeback, as did protagonist Joaquin Phoenix.

Joker – 91%, in case you don’t see it, is the story of Arthur Fleck (Phoenix), the clown who dreams of becoming a comic artist. After a series of situations, the character begins to lose her mind and accidentally becomes a symbol of social protests against corruption and the Gotham City elite, after three bullies and a live news anchor are killed.

The movie was targeted by massive box office executives for a very small budget of only $ 50 million. Although it was visualized as a unique storyline, since the movie is based on the classic DC villain and even shows a little Bruce Wayne, there’s always a chance the character will survive. Especially when he eventually loses his mind completely and becomes psychopathic.

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As if the commercial success was not enough, clown He won the Golden Lion for Best Film, one of the most important awards, at the Venice Film Festival, where he made his debut, and then at the Oscars where Phoenix won the Best Actor award. Although she was involved in a controversy over an alleged apology for using firearms, which is a sensitive issue in the United States.

What will be its topic Joker 2? One could imagine that he would follow the protagonist once he was abandoned in the criminal life or perhaps he could continue the theme of rebellion and non-conformity in Gotham, which was not really resolved in the movie. We just have to wait to see if Phillips really agreed to continue the story and if Phoenix would follow him. For now, it appears Warner Bros and DC are focused on continuing with DCEU, with films from that saga currently in production such as flashAnd the Aquaman 2 s Shazam: the wrath of the gods.

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