Tokyo 2020: BTS, EXO, BLACKPINK and more Kpop are in Tokyo 2021

Tokyo 2020: BTS, EXO, BLACKPINK and more Kpop are in Tokyo 2021

K-pop seems to be everywhere and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are the exception. Since the reveal, both worlds seemed to be connected when BTS was mentioned during the South Korean Athletes Show. Once the competitions started, it became common to find a strange song of this type between the times.

Here is the list of artists from K-pop and songs that animate sporting events and celebrations of winning athletes.


the song “as soon as possible” She set the warm-up pace for female athletes from Brazil and South Korea, ahead of the women’s volleyball competition at Ariac Arena. Stick, the girl group that sings the song, debuted less than a year ago.

EXO: “I can’t resist the feeling”

EXO’s latest single was also present at the 2020 Olympics. “Don’t Fight Feeling” was played at the end of the first half of the men’s volleyball match. US vs. ROC (Russian Olympic Committee).

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It was also heard at the same session “Energy”, the song that already has a history in JJ. OO. In 2018, EXO played her part in the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics.

TXT: “Magic”

The song, translated into English by boyband Tomorrow x Together, was spotted by fans interested in the boxing competition, in one of the early days of Tokyo 2020.

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Winner: “Really Really”

“really really” It was one of the most danced songs of 2017 and was also present at the Olympics. group theme “winner” Heard (almost completely) after South Korea beat Italy in women’s team shooting.

Winner’s song “Really Really” was the song of South Korea’s victory in the shooting quarter-finals. Photo: Twitter capture

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BLACKPINK: “Lovesick girls” and “Boombayah”

At another volleyball match, the event’s DJ got in on the action with BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick girls”, the hottest girl group today.

BLACKPINK Lovesick during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Photo: Capture Twitter

Regarding discipline Shooting team (male)The South Korean delegation won the gold medal and celebrated it “Bombay” After his last competition.

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That song had also sounded the day before at the same venue, to celebrate the gold medals of the South Korean women’s team, but a controversy arose between BTS and BLACKPINK fans over goalkeeper Kang Chae Young’s comments.

BTS: “Dynamite”, “Butter”, and “Permission to Dance”

Although the song “Dynamite” wasn’t heard in the team’s final shooting match as Kang wanted, the song has been in other venues and competitions.

“dynamite” rang in the knockout stages of mixed archery, after the Korean couple beat the Bangladeshi duo.

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On the other hand, the audience enjoys a portion of “ghee” During the boxing match between Japanese athlete Tsukimi Namiki and Ugandan athlete Catherine Nantziri. It also appeared in the men’s volleyball match between the United States and Russia.

BTS songs in Tokyo 2020. Photo: Twitter

In addition to, “permission to dance” He was heard at Ariake Gymnastics in the men’s artistic gymnastics qualification round.

BTS: The song “Permission to Dance” was also heard in Tokyo 2020. Photo: Twitter

TXT en Tokio 2020 with “Magic”

Big Hit Music’s youngest artists had their own moments in Tokyo 2020 with “Magic,” the song from their album Chaos Class: Freeze.

The list is extensive and will surely grow in the days following the competition. Currently, fans are also enjoying the “Very Nice” clip of Seventeen, “Bang Bang Bang” and “Fantastic Baby” for the so-called K-Pop kings the great explosion; The catchy melody “Dun Dun Dance” my girl y “don’t give what” de Itzy.

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