Toluca Science Park covered in white after severe hailstorms


The new Toluca Science Park was covered in hail after heavy rain, and it even suffered “mini-floods”.

A strong hail storm surprises Toluca

On the afternoon of last Friday in October, a strong hail storm hit the residents of TolucaWell, what looked like heavy rain ended up covering different areas of the city in white.

However, the hail was not the most alarming, but the various streets and roads led to certain floods and puddles, among them:

  • Vicente Guerrero at the height of Ciudad Universitaria.

  • Colón from Horacio Zúñiga to Tollocan.

  • Tolocan Bridges (in colleges)

  • Andres Quintana Roo.

  • Downtown area in the capital of Mexico.

Image via: Toluca Archive

Toluca Science Park covered in hail

The downtown area was one of the areas that was completely invaded by the cold, so for the first time we were able to see a beautiful science park in Toluca Covered in white.

But on this occasion, children playing with hail were not observed, rather some flooding in certain areas of this new destination. Toluca.

The first “flood” in the science park in Toluca

In some areas of PArche of Science from Toluca Some puddles that some users did not like can be seen on social networks.

However, there were other areas of the new park that suffered from the more famous “floods”, including the central part, which caused negative reactions among members of the community.

What does the community think of the floods that the Science Park experienced?

Through various groups through social networks, residents Toluca They did not wait for their dissatisfaction with the situation.

Well, they mainly complained about the following points:

  • Poorly planned infrastructure.

  • Details without consideration.

  • A high investment for a bad job.

There were even those who joked sarcastically that it would be better to create a pond or place the ducks as in the pond of Alameda Central de Toluca.

Others commented that at that time the park was said to have a modern sewage system.

What do the authorities say about the “flood” in the Toluca Science Park?

So far, the municipal authorities of Toluca and the state authorities have not announced their opinion in this regard.

However, the residents want to know what will happen with future climatic events, commenting that in the capital of Mexico there were hailstorms stronger than those that occurred on the last Friday of the tenth month of the year.


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