Tom Perez, White House Counsel

the Unemployment rate in United State It remained for the third month in a row at 3.7% in January Compared to December, according to data published on Friday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS, in English).

the Net new job opportunities rose again in the first month of the year and 353,000 jobs were created, 20,000 more than those created the previous month, after a strong revision of the December figure to 333,000 jobs (117,000 more than estimated when the data was published a month ago).

To delve deeper into the topic, On La W, White House Counsel Tom Perez spoke with Julio Sanchez Cristo.

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the Economy The United States is the most powerful in the world. “14.8 million jobs were created during President Biden’s administration,” Perez began.

“We have jobs, we have jobs that pay the middle class and what is happening now is a very impressive situation. For Latinos the unemployment rate is 5.0 and when it is Joe Biden administration It was 8.5“he added.

Pointing out that “4.3 million more Latinos are now working, Compared to 2020. The situation is much better. “Unemployment has been under 4% for less than two full years, the longest period in half a century.”

He also confirmed that “the Economic inflation It has fallen to 2% in recent months and wages, wealth and employment were higher before the pandemic. I see a lot of optimism (…) we will have more work next year.

On the other hand, he analyzed the economic outlook and stated: “We still have to do more, and I am very optimistic about the economy. Challenges remain, but President Biden W Democrats in it Congress “They will fight all day to improve their lives, lower costs and make sure they have access to health care.”

Finally, he pointed to interest rates in the United States. “It's a decision to… Federal Reserve (Federal Reserve Bank)They should say they will study the state of the economy “I am optimistic that they will decide in the coming months to lower the interest rate.”

Listen to the full interview below:

“The US economy is the most solid in the world”: Tom Perez, White House adviser

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