Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda launched single tourist visas in 2014

Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda launched single tourist visas in 2014

Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda have announced an agreement to adopt a common tourist visa, effective from January 2014.

The costs of this visa $ 100 It will be valid for 90 days allowing free travel throughout Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Currently, the cost of obtaining 3 different tourist visas for these countries is $130.

“But the Kenyan government is not canceling its tourist visa, which allows Spanish travelers to stay up to 90 days in one country and costs $50 (40 euros),” according to the Kenya Tourism Office.

According to this office, “the need to obtain tourist visas sometimes forces travelers to choose one destination for their trip – at the expense of all destinations – and as a result, this represents a loss in terms of Tourism spending In those countries.”

Therefore, “the adoption of a single visa for the three member states of the East African Community (EAC) represents great progress and a major step.” A real starting point for tourism development In this region of Africa.

Photo safaris are one of the great attractions in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Shutterstock image

In fact, “there are many possibilities that this individual visa will disappear Rapidly expanding to other countries The Kenya Tourism Office adds that CAO members, in the logic of promoting tourism to the sub-region as a unique tourist destination with many advantages.

In the medium and long term, the East African Community plans to introduce a Single currency This African region is where 135 million people live.

Many countries around the world are uniting or abolishing as well Tourist visas To attract more visitors, following recommendations World Tourism Organization.

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