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Comercia It is a corporate social network, the purpose of which is to connect Mexican companies that can export both goods and services, and who can easily find buyers, partners and investors; People in other countries, ”he explained in an interview with Louis Godoy, director general of the Global Economic Intelligence Unit for Southeast Europe.

In January, Mexico achieved total exports – oil and non-oil – for $ 40.241 million ($ 1 million), a figure 0.4% lower than $ 40.391 million in December 2020; However, compared to January 2020, there was an increase of 3.4%, official data indicates.

According to SE, ComerciaMX did not use resources from the Treasury, but was funded with capital from the Islamic Development Bank through a project called ConectAmericas, which was adapted to the Mexican reality to offer this platform.

“There are approximately 80,000 Mexican companies registered, and about 500,000 companies in the world that are part of the community and will post job opportunities,” Godoy said.

We do this as an open platform as it makes the relationship between government and private companies more transparent. Thus it does not require a candidate, negotiation, or government to post a business opportunity; The companies themselves can do this through the platform, ”said the general manager at the Global Economic Intelligence Unit.

One of the points that makes this social network attractive is that in addition to goods, MSMEs may offer their services as well.

“What ComerciaMX has is that it is from there that service-oriented companies can enhance and fulfill business. For example, exporter logistics or software development. There are Mexican companies providing services to companies in the United States,” said Luis Godoy.

Instead of ProMéxico

With ComerciaMX, among other platforms, the federal government seeks to fulfill the tasks that were previously responsible for ProMéxico: attract foreign direct investment, exports of products and services, internationalize Mexican companies, and strengthen Mexico’s image as a partner in doing business.

“The Global Economic Intelligence Unit is tasked with promoting Mexican exports and attracting foreign investment that previously ProMéxico had, to perform all functions from a design and strategic planning point of view,” commented Godoy.

Have you heard of Cuéntame de Economía?

“SRE is responsible for overseas implementation, and of course part of that strategy. In fact, we’re going to work with the State Department to promote the use of ComerciaMX so that, for example, embassies receive the multiple offers that come to them – there are those looking for mezcal, coffee, or making a particular Mexican.” – And send it to the platform. “

In addition to this new social network, the government of Mexico owns ExportaMX and DataMéxico and will soon launch a platform for local suppliers and another to continue promoting Mexico as an attractive investment destination.

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