Looks like Tom Hanks has become Regular actor on Apple’s video streaming platform. Last year Apple acquired the rights to the movie Greyhound, a movie that premiered live on Apple TV+. Now it’s Finch’s turn, another Tom Hanks movie that will also premiere exclusively on Apple TV+.

Apple released the first trailer for this movie, a movie in which Tom Hanks plays the role of Finch, The last man alive on earth in a post-apocalyptic world His only company is a dog, at least until he decides to build a robot to take care of his dog when he’s away.

pulsate The title was originally BIOS Universal was due to show it in theaters last year. However, the pandemic that hit theaters caused the BIOS to be removed from programming. After several delays, it was sold to Apple earlier this year to become the original streaming title. Apple renamed it pulsate It will premiere November 5 on Apple TV +.

Apple TV+ movie premiere Greyhound, also starring Tom Hanks, a movie that was scheduled to be shown in theaters but due to the pandemic, It’s over on Apple’s video streaming platform. This movie is one of the most popular titles on Apple TV+, courtesy of Ted Lasso, and has been topping the list of popular Apple TV apps for several months.

At the moment Apple The date of the movie’s release in theaters has not yet been confirmed, at least in the United States, so that this title could qualify for Oscar nominations from the Hollywood Academy. Most likely, it will be 15 days before its launch on Apple TV +.