Netflix: 7 Entrepreneur Films That Can Inspire You


Cinema has always been a source of inspiration for facing various personal challenges in our lives. In the business world, there are different stories of businessmen captured in films, series or documentaries. On this note, we leave you the 7 best movies on Netflix that you cannot miss if you are an entrepreneur.

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Abstract: the art of design

This two-season series is a brainstorming for those thinking about it Start a business or start a career related to this sector. This Emmy-nominated production enters the lives of many designers dedicated to disciplines such as Photography, architecture or interior design. In every episode, he doesn’t just introduce you design areas You may not have known them, but you were able to convey their true passion to the audience for what they do.

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Netflix: Becoming – Mi . History

Few documentaries can inspire a woman like this one from Michelle Obama. Critics praise Magnetism and internal force Which the former First Lady of the United States at her time gave to the White House, thanks to which she ended up becoming star element From her husband’s presidential term. With his fight for women’s rights, his ability to juggle work and family life, and his brilliant academic setting, this documentary gives us some of the Keys to breaking prejudices and showing our full potential.

Netflix: Jobs

From the beginning of this movie Curriculum VitaeIt is clear that Steve Jobs would not have followed the good path to success. The film consists of three parts, each focusing on the time period immediately preceding the release of a major product.

Some insights from the movie are that Steve Jobs lacked skills, he made up for it in vision. He wasn’t a computer programmer, salesperson, or engineer, but without him, Apple wouldn’t have existed. He did not care that he loved them, and the old models did not frighten him. He had a vision of computing open to everyone, and he didn’t let anything get in the way of achieving that goal.

creative mind

The creative brain

To encourage the creativity of your workers, you must first know how the brain works. This 2019 documentary is based on the book Neuroscience: Untamed Species: How Human Creativity Reshapes the World. If you are a science lover or if you just want to know Ways to wake up and tap into your creativity, Indicate this name in the list. You will be surprised to learn that this ability, mistakenly identified as a trait that only a few possess, It is the basis for any kind of business.

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Netflix: minimalism

popularIt displays the benefits of ‘less is more’ through numerous testimonials from people who declare themselves against the current model of society based on consumerism and have decided to live with people prioritizing over things.


Bill Gates: Under the magnifying glass

As the name suggests, this three-part short series delves into depth The mind and thoughts of Bill Gates, co-founder of the company with Paul Allen Microsoft. Get to know this point of view Entrepreneur and philanthropist It will take away your curiosity while raising awareness about one of today’s hottest topics: Corporate corporate social responsibility. Thanks to the various interview clips, you will be able to find out how he thinks and apply his vision for the future to your work, learn about the mistakes that have been made and Possibility to reinvent yourself to move forward.


The boy who tamed the wind

this drama Netflix Tells A story of faith and perseverance From William, a 13-year-old African boy does his best to save his family from their financial hardship. When you are expelled from school, you must put In practice, all his learning and creativity To build a mill that allows the fields to be irrigated in any season and thus helps the family business. Despite the cruelty of the plot, the film highlights, without neglecting reality, the ability that human beings should have. To implement an idea with few resources.

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