Trump suggests imitating Russia and invading Mexico

Trump suggests imitating Russia and invading Mexico

Former President of the United States (USA) He resumed the debate over what position his country should maintain in relation to Mexicoby suggesting that The southern neighbor should be invaded as Russia does with Ukraine.

While the world’s politicians fail Russia’s invasion of UkraineTrump is one of the few people who sympathize with and praise Vladimir Putin.

During an interview on the radio programme The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton ShowTrump acknowledged Putin’s actions and suggested the United States could do something similar with Mexico.

“I saw on TV what (Putin) said and I thought, ‘This is genius. Putin declares a large part of Ukraine and Putin declares it independent. It’s cool…how smart is that? And he will come and be a peacemaker.”

Trump added, according to American media:

“That’s what we can do on our southern border. He’s the most powerful peacekeeper I’ve ever seen. There were more Army tanks than I’ve ever seen. They’ll keep the peace without a doubt. Think about it.”. This is a very smart guy… I know him very well. very very good”.

beOr is it the first time he has attacked Trump? MexicoBut yes, in that which mentions the possibility of a military invasion. During his tenure, confrontations with Mexico were ongoing, through the construction of a border wall and customs threats.

Trump indicated that he plans Candidacy for the presidency of the United States for the third timein 2024. He falsely attributed his defeat in the 2020 elections to widespread electoral fraud, with no evidence for that.



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