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Cordoba, Ver. – With the aim of awakening curiosity about science and technology in children and adolescents, two young engineers, Pedro Damian Villagrane García and Luis Gustavo Romero Rojas, have dedicated their time to provide advice, courses and workshops to this population and even for adults, they have a small space in Amatlán de los Reyes .

Pedro Villagran, 30, is an industrial maintenance engineer and has started selling electronic parts that are used for repairs or school practices for technical professions in high school or high school, however he wanted to go ahead and ask for support at Gustavo Romero, A 22-year-old engineer who is an engineer Mechatronics YouTube videos explaining the functionality of the technology.

Pedro has been working on this project for 4 years and has given advice and workshops for 8-year-olds to 20-year-olds in high school; For his part, Gustavo has been added to “Autocontrol Electronics MX” for 4 months.

The first workshop they gave was about a programmable card that was 5 years ago in fashion due to the ease of programming issues with led sensors and later they gave demonstrations of the PLC.

They arrive and want to learn, we separate ourselves from theory and go to practice, we explain what code is and how it is done, now with 3D printing we will offer CAD design workshop

As for the 3D printing and design course, Gustavo Romero commented that it will take place on three levels where they will start “from scratch” teaching those without programming knowledge, through programs such as Sonicword, autocad and tinkercad, this has recently been used for basic courses such as Realizing Three-dimensional geometric shapes.

For these young people, the importance of the new generations knowing what electronics, science and programming can do is of paramount importance, therefore, these workshops are completely free of charge.

Parents sometimes give us money to educate their children, we appreciate that and invest in them because we buy materials so that they learn

What started as an electronics store and consultancy for its customers has turned into a space where young people from middle and high schools come to do rehearsals and seek help from Pedro and Gustavo, who now have an intern who has been given the opportunity to do so. His school trains on the spot, and provides him with food and financial support for his tickets.

“The most common thing is that they ask us for advice on a program, they already have the pieces, they program a sensor or a card so that it can be filled with water, with the ones in a school we worked a lot because they were assigned many practices, the process through what is Hard default.

They are grateful for the trust that young people and parents of children place in them and hope that these workshops will continue, that they will introduce themselves and can help with matters related to the subjects, as they say that they do not plan to charge for the knowledge at the moment that they know.

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