Two Salvadorans booked to play beach soccer in the US

Two Salvadorans booked to play beach soccer in the US

The beach soccer club from Los Angeles has announced the Barra de Santiago and Lorde jerseys.

beach soccer savior continues to rise. In both males and females, there is no doubt that the growth of the method has paid off and bears fruit. This is because, on Wednesday, it was known that another Salvadoran player would play abroad.

The Los Angeles Beach Soccer team, of the United States of America, has announced for the second national jersey that he will be joining their ranks. it’s about Fatima Perez Herrera, who played for La Barra de Santiago in the National Beach League. Previously (August 2), the team also announced that Carla Flores was part of the club.

“We welcome our second player from El Salvador. We are excited to have Fatima Herrera join our roster to add more depth to our squad,” the team posted on their Facebook account.

Image: illustrative, non-commercial image /

Image: illustrative, non-commercial image /

Pérez is originally from La Barra de Santiago, Ahuachapán, marked with the number 9. For her part, Flores is from Lourdes, and they called her #5. They also dedicated a post to her.

“This young woman (Carla) is so talented and so sneaky on the (playing) field. We can’t wait to get her back on the field with us. See you soon!” they wrote from Los Angeles for the UES team.

Fatima, who has played beach style since she was 12 and at La Barra, told Kancha how she felt: “Really happy. And thankful to God, because it’s something I’ve been asking for so much, and now it’s being given to me.”

Perez finished as the maximum breakout at La Barra, along with partner Irma Cordero, with 21 points. Photo: Courtesy Indies

“It was my dream to represent El Salvador in a foreign team, but I never thought it would be so fast. I still don’t think it’s happening, but there are still a lot of things to be accomplished, and not everything is concrete. But they give me the opportunity to be part of a team.” Los Angeles. If it goes well for me, I will do my best and because this is something I have been waiting for and I will take advantage of it.”

The Barreña, who plays the hub, commented that part of her goals is to “move the family forward” and also “be able to open doors for more girls and be a source of family pride.” He thanked the BS League “for the women’s opportunity” to play with the team.

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